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"The land [of Saints' Island] was cultivated at one time. The marks of the furrows were clearly to be seen at the early season of which I speak..."

"The lake surface is broken by numerous scattered islands, the greater number of which are just rocks without either historical or scenic interest..."

"The ground-works of many ruins can still be traced to Saint Daveog's Island on Olean na Naomh or Island of the Saints) and a paved way (via strata) or old road can still be traced..."

"Ballyshanny. (Nov. 1, 1835.) I visited the far-famed terrestrial Purgatory of Lough-Derg but received no benefit from my tours except a severe cold, which I attribute more to the wet mountain bogs that surround the Lake..."

"(June 8, 1632) Right Honorable. I have received a copy of a letter sent by my lord Balfour, directed to his Lordship, myself and others for seizing until his Majesty's use St Patrick's Purgatory..."

"It is said, that the passage into Purgatory was first found in [Saints Island] ; but it being near the shore, and a bridge from the main land into it, which gave the people free and ready access..."

"The three days of fasting, the night spent in prison, the prayers prayed in the cold water at the Pilgrimage to-day, are all in glorious descent from the time of the Culdees..."

"In the county of Donnegal, at the distance of four miles from Lough Earn, and in the midst of mountains and morasses, extending every way to a considerable distance..."

"The position of [Saints Island] agrees with the description of Coppinger and Jones, written two hundred years ago; and it is probable, that when by the direction of the Council Board, Sir William Stuart invaded and uprooted this nest of superstition…

"Before we landed I ascertained from my cautious conductor that the present Purgatorial Island which we had just left, was not the one always resorted to, nor indeed the one that was consecrated by St. Patrick..."
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