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"The author of the following brief sketch, on first receiving a copy of the statistical queries, was for a considerable time in doubt whether to forward any answer to the inquiries proposed..."

"Lough Derg is a large sheet of water surrounded by black bogs relieved only by few detached cabins and patches of cultivation and its groups of islands..."

"The land [of Saints' Island] was cultivated at one time. The marks of the furrows were clearly to be seen at the early season of which I speak..."

"The largest island in Lough Derg is Inishgoosk; it has no historical interest. The second largest island is Saints' Island, called St. Dabheoc's Island in early Christian times..."

"[Lough Derg] is one of the loneliest places on earth. Its boulder-strewn shores, thirteen miles in circumference, seem to have retained all their original wildness..."
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