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"With the fall of night the world slipped away. We seemed to stand in a dim place where two worlds meet. At intervals we walked into the misty starlight and stamped a little warmth into our feet..."

"The ground-works of many ruins can still be traced to Saint Daveog's Island on Olean na Naomh or Island of the Saints) and a paved way (via strata) or old road can still be traced..."

"Ballyshanny. (Nov. 1, 1835.) I visited the far-famed terrestrial Purgatory of Lough-Derg but received no benefit from my tours except a severe cold, which I attribute more to the wet mountain bogs that surround the Lake..."

"The Lough, which is said to be about nine miles in circumference, is situated in the midst of high hills, which rise on all sides without the slightest appearance of cultivation..."

"Pettigo. (July 23, 1824). A country road leads in this direction a mile: after leaving which we passed over the mountains following a path, which the number of devotees who visit the Island, had marked too distinctly to be mistaken..."

"Ballyshannon. (July 25, 1824.) Soon after leaving Pettigo going towards Lough Derg, the limestone ceases and the mineral productions change entirely..."

"In describing the seventeenth-century Fauna, Knox makes note of wolf and red deer at Lough Derg. 'The deer come some times from Barnesmore to this Estate but having no coverts they do not stay in it,' whereas 'the wolves are but rare in the country…

"In this Lough is great plenty of fish such as trouts, eels and salmon as I am told. Trouts may be had by angling in abundance from March till winter and at the head of the river between Knocnacoyne and Leanaght might a good eel fishing be had in the…
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