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Marked on the 2nd edition of the OS 6-inch map as a 'church in ruins', there is now no trace of the church above ground. In the surrounding graveyard (DG105-003003-), there are several grass-grown mounds. O'Connor (1879, 17) says that the church was…

Graveyard on irregular-plan, laid out c. 1600. Now out of use. Contains a collection of multidenominational cut stone gravemarkers (upstanding, recumbent, and table-type memorials) mainly dating from c. 1750 to c. 1900. Two ashlar limestone…

"About twenty of the victims were buried on Friars' Island, where fir-trees on a mound show their grave to-day..."

"Think of [Saint Patrick] located somewhere near Templecarne for several months and thus surrounded. The lake would certainly invite him with its promise of refuge and sanctuary..."

"…Tirechan says that Patrick founded a Church in Tirhugh. Where now is the location of that church?..."

"The ground-works of many ruins can still be traced to Saint Daveog's Island on Olean na Naomh or Island of the Saints) and a paved way (via strata) or old road can still be traced..."

An etching of Templecarne Graveyard, where victims of the 1795 disaster were buried.
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