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A description of Lough Derg and its Pilgrimage in the American Donahoe's Magazine

"'If ever an otter is admissible,' said the Parson,' it is so on such a lake as this. You certainly never get a day's fair fishing here.'…"

"It so happened, that the Parson had marked the very clump in which the bird had pitched, and had taken the bearings accurately. Guiding his course by these, he scrambled over huge, loose, mossy stones, so large, so irregular, and so unconnected with…

"'What bird is that ?' said the Captain, rousing himself. 'Sure it's an aigle!' said the men ; and, for want of something better to do, the whole party stood, sat, or reclined, watching the bird as it hovered uneasily round and round them..."

"Lough Derg has certainly been well chosen as a spot of religious penitence and seclusion, for the character of its scenery harmonises well with such a feeling; it is that of wild and gloomy loneliness."

"There is one strange fact connected with this lake - no salmon come into it, though they come up to the very point where the River Derg escapes out of it…"
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