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"There is a moat or mound in the townland of Cullion where a woman named Sabina did penance on the way to Lough Derg. She used to sleep on this mound the night before she went no matter whether the weather was wet or dry. It is still called Sibby's…

A description of the context surrounding the formation of the Orange Order district lodge and its relationship to Lough Derg

O'Donovan's account from a local of the origin of Lough Derg's name in a story from the Fenian Cycle

"This shews that Saints island is the one on which the monastery, because the present station does not contain 10 acres. There is however a mistake in the phrase 'in media lacus' for Saints island is very near the land…"

"Dabheoc's name is commemorated, too, in Seadavog mountain, a low peak to the west of his Seat on the southern shore of the lake..."

"The antiquary, John O'Donovan…dismissed the name, Loch Dearg, and corrected it to Loch Derc, meaning the Lake of the Cave..."

"The original name of the lake was Finn-loch - the Fair Lake. Those who have visited Lough Derg in the summer and looked on its natural beauties may well approve of the name given by our Pagan ancestors..."

"They here shew a bass relief of Keeronagh, the devil's mother, rudely done on a coinstone of one of the chapels, a figure somewhat resembling that of a wolf, with a monstrous long tail and a forked tongue..."
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