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Caesar Otway imagines the avaricious monks of Station Island in the Middle Ages

"…Fin M’Coul stood before the monster; but instead of innocently submitting to be sucked in like a common man, Fin, famed as he was above all the Fions for feats of agility, took a hop, step, and leap, and fairly and clearly jumped down its…

"The position of [Saints Island] agrees with the description of Coppinger and Jones, written two hundred years ago; and it is probable, that when by the direction of the Council Board, Sir William Stuart invaded and uprooted this nest of superstition…

"Before we landed I ascertained from my cautious conductor that the present Purgatorial Island which we had just left, was not the one always resorted to, nor indeed the one that was consecrated by St. Patrick..."

"The only picturesque object I observed, as we rowed towards shore, was a little island in the centre of the Lough, on which there was a hut..."

"Having thus given the modern and ancient state of this purgatory, it is time to think of leaving it; and I confess I prepared to turn my back on this strong hold of superstition, without a desire ever again to visit it..."

"In all, the pilgrims remain on the island nine days—they eat but once in the twenty-four hours, of oatmeal and water—they have liberty to refresh themselves with the water of the lake..."

“The island called St. Patrick's Purgatory is altogether rocky, and rather level : without the compass of the island, in the water towards the north east, about two yards from the shore stand certain rocks..."

"In a short time I arrived at the island, and as stepping out of the boat, I planted my foot on the rocks of this scene of human absurdity..."

“Lough Derg is a lonely sheet of water, extending from north to south, about six miles in length..."
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