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"I remember a strange Easter Sunday spent on Saints' Island, not indeed with any hope of finding archaeological confirmation of its history, but simply in communing with the past..."

"The largest island in Lough Derg is Inishgoosk; it has no historical interest. The second largest island is Saints' Island, called St. Dabheoc's Island in early Christian times..."

"St. Peter's Island and St. Peter's well are situated about a half a mile due North of the village of Mountcharles. They are in the townland of Turras Hill. The little Island is in the centre of the lake, but since the erection of the waterworks in…

"(June 8, 1632) Right Honorable. I have received a copy of a letter sent by my lord Balfour, directed to his Lordship, myself and others for seizing until his Majesty's use St Patrick's Purgatory..."

"When we were within half a bow-shot of the said island of the Purgatory I saw a bird blacker than coal take flight ; it had not a single plume or feather on its back..."
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