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An account of Lough Derg folklore on a fishing trip, explaining the strange circular currents of the lake in supernatural terms

"The same or a similar monster inhabits the lake yet (still) and was seen not many months ago. It guards a crock of gold which lies buried in the ancient island of the Purgatory…"

O'Donovan's account from a local of the origin of Lough Derg's name in a story from the Fenian Cycle

"Some of the evil spirits settled on the Island of Swimmers to which they gave the name of demons. The demonaic island in truth is girded by an inland lake..."

"There is on the cliff of Cruachan looking out on the sea and the Western sun a very deep cave exhaling icy blasts all the time..."

Yeats' reflection on the affinity for bodies of water within the Irish poetic imagination and psyche

"From the watchers below a great cry still reaches to the Lady of Heaven, to Mary, the joy of the Gael, whose feet rest on Iona..."

"The record of many others who followed the same perilous quest survives. The Sire de Beaujeu, Louis de Sue, Louis of France, Malatesta of Hungary, and, not least, there came in the reign of King Henry VIII. the Cardinal Legate to England, who made a…

"Then the great winter swept over the land, and, with the winter, the flail that scourged Ireland spared not Derg..."
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