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An account of the religious history of Lough Derg for the traveller.

Jenny struggles with her sense of spirituality as she completes the circuits of the penitentian beds

Jenny gets a sensory impression of the island as she approaches and encounters its contents and topography

Jenny discusses her expectations of the place compared to the reality and hopes that it will not be too commercialized, like Lourdes

Jenny and Bobby arrive at Lough Derg in the rain and are greeted by the sight of the lake and the pilgrims waiting to cross

"By this time there began to be a stir among the boatmen, the sun had been for some while under the horizon, and the shades of evening were adding solemnity to the landscape…"

An account of Lough Derg folklore on a fishing trip, explaining the strange circular currents of the lake in supernatural terms

"But the breeze gradually dropped. Large splashes of calm, glazy-looking water appeared here and there, spreading by little and little over the whole surface, while the rises became more and more infrequent, and, before a dozen fish had been caught,…
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