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Marked on the 2nd edition of the OS 6-inch map as a 'church in ruins', there is now no trace of the church above ground. In the surrounding graveyard (DG105-003003-), there are several grass-grown mounds. O'Connor (1879, 17) says that the church was…

A description by O'Connor of the pilgrim path from Castlederg to Lough Derg

A description by O'Connor of the pilgrim path from Donegal Town to Lough Derg

"The ground-works of many ruins can still be traced to Saint Daveog's Island on Olean na Naomh or Island of the Saints) and a paved way (via strata) or old road can still be traced..."

"Pettigo. (July 23, 1824). A country road leads in this direction a mile: after leaving which we passed over the mountains following a path, which the number of devotees who visit the Island, had marked too distinctly to be mistaken..."

"Ballyshannon. (July 25, 1824.) Soon after leaving Pettigo going towards Lough Derg, the limestone ceases and the mineral productions change entirely..."

"To the west of St. Brigid's Chair, and about two furlongs from the shore of the lake, but somewhat further from the chair, is situated on the very summit of a mountain a carn-shaped eminence, on the summit of which is St. Dabheoc's Seat..."
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