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The opening paragraph's of Alice Curtayne's 1932 pamphlet about Lough Derg

"Many pilgrims surveying the crowds during the night vigil promise themselves that, on their following night of freedom, they will look down from their cubicle windows at the fascination of the scene, when the people emerge and group themselves in…

The repetitive power of an imagined Celtic Christian pilgrimage and prayer in the context of Irish national myth making

"The stone circles [of the Penitential Beds] are small. When this sanctuary was demolished in the seventeenth century the despoilers left only the rude foundation stones protruding from the soil..."

"The repetition of the baptismal vow [before St. Brigid's Cross] is a reaching back again towards baptismal innocence and is the usual ritual of retreats..."

Alice Curtayne describes how traveling to Station Island is like stepping back into the fifth century

"Most pilgrims develop for this rocky island and its harsh routine an affection that really defies explanation..."
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