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"The Pettigo river rises about 5 miles north of Pettigo and runs in a southerly direction about a mile north of the village..."

"Though the number of bogs in this district is considerable, yet few of them reach to any great extent..."

"Of woods, nurseries or plantations [Templecarn] is at present completely destitute, thought there is every appearance of it having been formerly well supplied with timber..."

"The author of the following brief sketch, on first receiving a copy of the statistical queries, was for a considerable time in doubt whether to forward any answer to the inquiries proposed..."

"Templecarn contains 794 families, 1,987 males, 2,185 females, 1,728 Established Church, 2,568 Roman Catholic, 97 Presbyterians, 4,393 total..."

"Lough Derg is a large sheet of water surrounded by black bogs relieved only by few detached cabins and patches of cultivation and its groups of islands..."
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