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"It is said, that the passage into Purgatory was first found in [Saints Island] ; but it being near the shore, and a bridge from the main land into it, which gave the people free and ready access..."

“From Pettigo to Lough Dergh, the distance is about three miles, over bog and mountain. It is a scramble all the way, endeavouring to avoid the marsh and bog land, that cannot, however, be avoided..."

"It is almost incredible what crowds visit this island annually, during the months of June, July, and August—it being no unusual thing to see from 900 to 1000 persons of both sexes upon it at one and the same time..."

"After quitting the prison, and before leaving the island, it was formerly the practice to go into the water, and, being stark naked, wash their whole bodies, and more particularly the head, to signify that they were entirely cleansed from their…

Caption: "Saint Bridget's Chair stands close to the water's edge, and which, it is said, whoever once sits, is ever after preserved from accident and sudden death."
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