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Jenny awakes to feel the gift of Station Island: a sense of equality in bodily experience

Jenny struggles with her sense of spirituality as she completes the circuits of the penitentian beds

As Jenny completes the stations at the penitential beds, she reflects on the power of repetition and prayer and feels the elements

"Though my letters are wild as the mountains in which they were written, still do I feel myself very sober in thought, and exceedingly (excessive) in love with truth even to the prejudice of all national feelings…"

"I remember a strange Easter Sunday spent on Saints' Island, not indeed with any hope of finding archaeological confirmation of its history, but simply in communing with the past..."

"There is a lake called Lough Derg in County Donegal which has acquired extraordinary fame both in Christian history and in general literature..."

"But we have not yet reached the island. We are still on the landing-stage looking up the long reaches of the lake (it covers and area of twenty square miles), noting the high, bleak, purple mountains which surround it, and the number of pretty…

"Ballyshannon. (July 25, 1824.) Soon after leaving Pettigo going towards Lough Derg, the limestone ceases and the mineral productions change entirely..."

"Fainting heart and failing eye,
Aching head and footstep weary !
Courage, for the Lake is night
There beyond the hilltop dreary..."
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