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"In a girdle of green, heathy hills,
In song-famed Donegal,
An islet stands in a lonely lake,
(A coffin in a pall)..."

"Though my letters are wild as the mountains in which they were written, still do I feel myself very sober in thought, and exceedingly (excessive) in love with truth even to the prejudice of all national feelings…"

"The coast of Lough Erne in this neighbourhood is low and a very small portion of it belongs to Templecarn. The general climate of Tyrhugh is moist and damp."

"There is a vast extent of bog in Templecarn in which fir and other timber are found..."

"Many pilgrims surveying the crowds during the night vigil promise themselves that, on their following night of freedom, they will look down from their cubicle windows at the fascination of the scene, when the people emerge and group themselves in…

"The repetition of the baptismal vow [before St. Brigid's Cross] is a reaching back again towards baptismal innocence and is the usual ritual of retreats..."
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