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"Of woods, nurseries or plantations [Templecarn] is at present completely destitute, thought there is every appearance of it having been formerly well supplied with timber..."

"The author of the following brief sketch, on first receiving a copy of the statistical queries, was for a considerable time in doubt whether to forward any answer to the inquiries proposed..."

"It is remarkable how completely the exterior world is shut out. Those trackless hills enfold the lake as though to hide it..."

"Only one main road leads to the lake, that from the small town of Pettigo, four miles distant. This road ends at the ferry, where there is a house and a few other buildings..."

"The Lough, which is said to be about nine miles in circumference, is situated in the midst of high hills, which rise on all sides without the slightest appearance of cultivation..."

"Ballyshannon. (July 25, 1824.) Soon after leaving Pettigo going towards Lough Derg, the limestone ceases and the mineral productions change entirely..."

A description of the lake taken from O'Connor's account of an 1836 story in the Dublin Penny Journal Count Raymond de Perilleaux's 1397 journey to the Purgatory

“Lough Derg consists of two large sheets of water, which may be designated the upper and lower lakes..."

“From Pettigo to Lough Dergh, the distance is about three miles, over bog and mountain. It is a scramble all the way, endeavouring to avoid the marsh and bog land, that cannot, however, be avoided..."
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