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Anecdotes about the pilgrimage to Saint Patrick's Purgatory

"There is one strange fact connected with this lake - no salmon come into it, though they come up to the very point where the River Derg escapes out of it…"

"The same or a similar monster inhabits the lake yet (still) and was seen not many months ago. It guards a crock of gold which lies buried in the ancient island of the Purgatory…"

O'Donovan's account from a local of the origin of Lough Derg's name in a story from the Fenian Cycle

"Now let me at my old antagonist Oral tradition: The chair of Davog lies in the townland of Suidhe Dhabheog (Seeavoge) where in the living rock some impressions of elbows &c are strewn. Davog was a woman, who came to make the turas but she died…

"An inquisition taken at Donegal in the 1st year of [James I in 1603] may throw some light upon the time of this removal: In the parts of Ulster near the territory calle O'Donnell's Countrie, are the walls and monuments of a certain Monastery or…

"This shews that Saints island is the one on which the monastery, because the present station does not contain 10 acres. There is however a mistake in the phrase 'in media lacus' for Saints island is very near the land…"

"I visited the far famed terrestrial purgatory of Lough Derg, but received no benefit from my turas except a severe cold, which I attribute more to the wet mountain bogs that surround the lake, and to the chillyness (chilliness) of the wind than to…
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