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As they drive away from Lough Derg in silence, Jenny reflects on her experience

Jenny awakes to feel the gift of Station Island: a sense of equality in bodily experience

Bobby, attempting to make peace with Jenny as she performs the pilgrimage, discusses the power of Station Island

Jenny struggles with her sense of spirituality as she completes the circuits of the penitentian beds

As Jenny completes the stations at the penitential beds, she reflects on the power of repetition and prayer and feels the elements

Jenny gets a sensory impression of the island as she approaches and encounters its contents and topography

Jenny discusses her expectations of the place compared to the reality and hopes that it will not be too commercialized, like Lourdes

Jenny and Bobby arrive at Lough Derg in the rain and are greeted by the sight of the lake and the pilgrims waiting to cross

Bobby expresses his confusion at the extravagant embodied devotion and extreme austerity of the pilgrimage to Lough Derg and that it exposes a side of Jenny that he has never seen before.

As they drive towards Lough Derg, Bobby interrogates Jenny as to her motivations for wishing to visit Lough Derg this year of all years. She responds that it is a particularly Irish form of religious devotion and expression.
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