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An account of the Dutch monk's visit to Lough Derg and his charges of usury.

"The Friary is a townland on Killymard ([Cill O mBárd]) side of Lough Eske. It was here the Friars settled when banished from Donegal and ministered to the spiritual wants of the neigh-bouring districts.

There is now no sign of a church or…

"There is a moat or mound in the townland of Cullion where a woman named Sabina did penance on the way to Lough Derg. She used to sleep on this mound the night before she went no matter whether the weather was wet or dry. It is still called Sibby's…

"There is a good deal of land [in the disctrict of Cullion] which is mountainous and some good land for the potato crop. There is a small wood growing in it. There is one river and a lake in the mountainous part. The river is the Termon river which…

Knox stands on the rock to demonstrate his powers of deduction, an event which results in much storytelling upon the return to shore

Knox describes the fear of his Irish boatmen at the appearance of a lake monster, which he sees as a rock just above the waterline

Knox visits a lone tree on an island, a home of fairies in local folklore

Graveyard on irregular-plan, laid out c. 1600. Now out of use. Contains a collection of multidenominational cut stone gravemarkers (upstanding, recumbent, and table-type memorials) mainly dating from c. 1750 to c. 1900. Two ashlar limestone…
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