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Located on the NW side of a tower house (DG105-014001-) and associated with a settlement cluster (DG105-014002-). The lands of Termon McGrath were granted to James, son of Archbishop Myler McGrath in 1610 (Hill 1877, 183-4). In 1611 Carew records…

"The Pettigo river rises about 5 miles north of Pettigo and runs in a southerly direction about a mile north of the village..."

"Though the number of bogs in this district is considerable, yet few of them reach to any great extent..."

"Of woods, nurseries or plantations [Templecarn] is at present completely destitute, thought there is every appearance of it having been formerly well supplied with timber..."

"The author of the following brief sketch, on first receiving a copy of the statistical queries, was for a considerable time in doubt whether to forward any answer to the inquiries proposed..."

"The Monastery of Lough Derg, like most other Irish monasteries, was endowed with extensive lands at an early date by neighbouring chieftains..."

"In describing the seventeenth-century Fauna, Knox makes note of wolf and red deer at Lough Derg. 'The deer come some times from Barnesmore to this Estate but having no coverts they do not stay in it,' whereas 'the wolves are but rare in the country…
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