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A description of Lough Derg and its Pilgrimage in the American Donahoe's Magazine

Jenny gets a sensory impression of the island as she approaches and encounters its contents and topography

"In a girdle of green, heathy hills,
In song-famed Donegal,
An islet stands in a lonely lake,
(A coffin in a pall)..."

"The prior accompanied my as far as the water, and put me into the boat himself, first kissing me and giving me his blessing..."

“The island called St. Patrick's Purgatory is altogether rocky, and rather level : without the compass of the island, in the water towards the north east, about two yards from the shore stand certain rocks..."

“From Pettigo to Lough Dergh, the distance is about three miles, over bog and mountain. It is a scramble all the way, endeavouring to avoid the marsh and bog land, that cannot, however, be avoided..."