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"Down below [Dabheoc's Seat], Station Island rose up in imperial grandeur against its background of low hills..."

"There are no holy wells in this district but there are two holy lakes called Lough Patrick and Lough Peter. These lakes are in the townland of Drumlougher and form the boundary between County Monaghan and County Armagh. St Patrick's stone is in a…

"Among all the prodigies and all the great miracles which happened at Loch Derg, it is told in particular in those latter times..."

"When we were within half a bow-shot of the said island of the Purgatory I saw a bird blacker than coal take flight ; it had not a single plume or feather on its back..."

"Now when I was shut in and had taken notice of the greatness of the Cave which I conceive to be about four cubits, I found the inner part thereof to turn and extend under me weak and shaking that it seemed as though it could not bear a man..."

"It is more certain than certainty that in the northern shore of Ireland a place horrible by its terrors was found by him and is generally called St Patrick's Purgatory. The fame of that place has been so scattered through European parts that it…
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