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"St. Peter's Island and St. Peter's well are situated about a half a mile due North of the village of Mountcharles. They are in the townland of Turras Hill. The little Island is in the centre of the lake, but since the erection of the waterworks in…

"About eight miles from the Four Masters’ School in Byrne’s mountain on the old foot-road across Croney to Lough Derg is a Holy Well called [Sliab Dub ?]. ( ½ ml. from the Donegal-Tyrone border)

Local tradition says that as Saint Patrick was going…

"St. Patrick’s Well at Tullaghan has a legend. St Patrick stopped the night in a house near a mountain. The woman told him not to look at the light on the mountain, but he went up and saw a serpent and when he struck it, St. Patrick’s Well sprang up.…
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