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"Early in the ninth century, an ominous cloud appeared in the north, which was presently to overcast all such fair scenses as that presented by Saints' Island..."

"The largest island in Lough Derg is Inishgoosk; it has no historical interest. The second largest island is Saints' Island, called St. Dabheoc's Island in early Christian times..."

"Think of [Saint Patrick] located somewhere near Templecarne for several months and thus surrounded. The lake would certainly invite him with its promise of refuge and sanctuary..."

"…Tirechan says that Patrick founded a Church in Tirhugh. Where now is the location of that church?..."

"The ground-works of many ruins can still be traced to Saint Daveog's Island on Olean na Naomh or Island of the Saints) and a paved way (via strata) or old road can still be traced..."
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