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"The repetition of the baptismal vow [before St. Brigid's Cross] is a reaching back again towards baptismal innocence and is the usual ritual of retreats..."

"The record of many others who followed the same perilous quest survives. The Sire de Beaujeu, Louis de Sue, Louis of France, Malatesta of Hungary, and, not least, there came in the reign of King Henry VIII. the Cardinal Legate to England, who made a…

"The sufferings hitherto mentioned [on Station Island] do not carry off the whole mass of sins..."

"'As soon as we leave the grave or vault, we immediately plunge ourselves into the water, washing our heads and bodies to signify that we are washed and cleansed from the filth of sin, and have broke the dragon’s head in the waters..."

"A little tract, that bears the title of 'Hindooism in Ireland,' notices a Station which was some time since established at Coronea, county of Cavan..."

"We cannot permit the circumstance of a Roman Catholic priest constructing a fictitious Lough Dearg in his Chapel for the use of his people, when prevented going to the real one, to pass without a word or two of remark..."

"After quitting the prison, and before leaving the island, it was formerly the practice to go into the water, and, being stark naked, wash their whole bodies, and more particularly the head, to signify that they were entirely cleansed from their…