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"Most pilgrims develop for this rocky island and its harsh routine an affection that really defies explanation..."

"They here shew a bass relief of Keeronagh, the devil's mother, rudely done on a coinstone of one of the chapels, a figure somewhat resembling that of a wolf, with a monstrous long tail and a forked tongue..."

"…Fin M’Coul stood before the monster; but instead of innocently submitting to be sucked in like a common man, Fin, famed as he was above all the Fions for feats of agility, took a hop, step, and leap, and fairly and clearly jumped down its…

"There are two different opinions to account for the meaning of the denomination, Lough Derg..."

"One soft autumn noon, the lough lay in a haze of golden mist. Behind the eastern clouds the sun puffed out some streaks of red, angry and livid in their broken setting, but softened and mellow ere they reached the hillsides of Ireland or rested on…

"Upon an ill day was sin done on the island of the cave itself, and was long remembered as the beginning of many sorrows to Derg..."

"St. Patrick’s Well at Tullaghan has a legend. St Patrick stopped the night in a house near a mountain. The woman told him not to look at the light on the mountain, but he went up and saw a serpent and when he struck it, St. Patrick’s Well sprang up.…