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A description of the context surrounding the formation of the Orange Order district lodge and its relationship to Lough Derg

"The same or a similar monster inhabits the lake yet (still) and was seen not many months ago. It guards a crock of gold which lies buried in the ancient island of the Purgatory…"

O'Donovan's account from a local of the origin of Lough Derg's name in a story from the Fenian Cycle

"They here shew a bass relief of Keeronagh, the devil's mother, rudely done on a coinstone of one of the chapels, a figure somewhat resembling that of a wolf, with a monstrous long tail and a forked tongue..."

"…Fin M’Coul stood before the monster; but instead of innocently submitting to be sucked in like a common man, Fin, famed as he was above all the Fions for feats of agility, took a hop, step, and leap, and fairly and clearly jumped down its…

"There are two different opinions to account for the meaning of the denomination, Lough Derg..."
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