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A map of Ireland including the prominent location of The Purgatory of Saint Patrick.

Pilgrims getting rowed to Station Island on Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland

Landscape etching of Saints Island on Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland

A folklore account of St. Patrick and the salmon of Lough Derg

"St. Patrick’s Well at Tullaghan has a legend. St Patrick stopped the night in a house near a mountain. The woman told him not to look at the light on the mountain, but he went up and saw a serpent and when he struck it, St. Patrick’s Well sprang up.…

"There is a circular fence of earth on top of a hill in the school district. It is known as Rathnacross and is situated in the townland of Drumawark.

There is a hole in the middle of it where a Celtic cross stood but it is broken now and the…

A description of the pilgrim road from Rathnacross to Saints Island.

Caption: "Saint Bridget's Chair stands close to the water's edge, and which, it is said, whoever once sits, is ever after preserved from accident and sudden death."

"About eight miles from the Four Masters’ School in Byrne’s mountain on the old foot-road across Croney to Lough Derg is a Holy Well called [Sliab Dub ?]. ( ½ ml. from the Donegal-Tyrone border)

Local tradition says that as Saint Patrick was going…

"After quitting the prison, and before leaving the island, it was formerly the practice to go into the water, and, being stark naked, wash their whole bodies, and more particularly the head, to signify that they were entirely cleansed from their…
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