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An extract from Seamus Heaney's poem 'Station Island'

"Spirituum hic thermae, his Lethaea piacula : qui se Balneat hic, Stygii non timer amnis aquas / Here souls may bathe : Lethe's atonements here : And he who bathes, no Stygian flood need fear."

"I was just on the point of enjoying a little rest, when a man ringing a large hand-bell, came round, crying in a low, supernatural growl, which could be hear double the distance of the loudest shout - 'waken up, waken up, and come to prison.'..."

"The sufferings hitherto mentioned [on Station Island] do not carry off the whole mass of sins..."

"An early writer describing the place, says — 'As soon as the pilgrims come within sight of the holy island, they pull off their shoes and stockings, and uncover their heads, and walk thus with their beads in one hand, and sometimes a cross in the…

"'As soon as we leave the grave or vault, we immediately plunge ourselves into the water, washing our heads and bodies to signify that we are washed and cleansed from the filth of sin, and have broke the dragon’s head in the waters..."