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Map from a critique of St. Patrick's Purgatory and Catholic pilgrimage in general.

Additional MS 19510 ff. 2v-3_Inset.PNG
This chart, from an atlas by an unknown chartmaker probably working in Venice, shows an awareness of most of the eastern and southern coastlines of the British Isles stemming from voyages of Venetian galleys to the area since 1300.

Coppo_Gr.7292 f. D1v_Inset.PNG
This is a map of the British Isles. It is a wood cut and is by the Venetian Pietro Coppo.

Unknown_Cotton Augustus I.i.f.9_Inset.PNG
A map of the British Isles dating from the period 1534-46 and by an unknown draughtsman.

A map of Ireland including the prominent location of The Purgatory of Saint Patrick.
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