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"About eight miles from the Four Masters’ School in Byrne’s mountain on the old foot-road across Croney to Lough Derg is a Holy Well called [Sliab Dub ?]. ( ½ ml. from the Donegal-Tyrone border)

Local tradition says that as Saint Patrick was going…

"The Friary is a townland on Killymard ([Cill O mBárd]) side of Lough Eske. It was here the Friars settled when banished from Donegal and ministered to the spiritual wants of the neigh-bouring districts.

There is now no sign of a church or…

Curator's description: "In 1577, at the age of 63, Adriaen Coenensz from Scheveningen, a Dutch fishing port, started his Vis booc. Over a period of three years he collected all kind of information about the sea, the coasts, and coastal waters,…

"There is a lake called Lough Derg in County Donegal which has acquired extraordinary fame both in Christian history and in general literature..."

"[Lough Derg] is one of the loneliest places on earth. Its boulder-strewn shores, thirteen miles in circumference, seem to have retained all their original wildness..."

"Only one main road leads to the lake, that from the small town of Pettigo, four miles distant. This road ends at the ferry, where there is a house and a few other buildings..."

"It is remarkable how completely the exterior world is shut out. Those trackless hills enfold the lake as though to hide it..."

"The lake surface is broken by numerous scattered islands, the greater number of which are just rocks without either historical or scenic interest..."

"…Tirechan says that Patrick founded a Church in Tirhugh. Where now is the location of that church?..."

"Think of [Saint Patrick] located somewhere near Templecarne for several months and thus surrounded. The lake would certainly invite him with its promise of refuge and sanctuary..."