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"In all, the pilgrims remain on the island nine days—they eat but once in the twenty-four hours, of oatmeal and water—they have liberty to refresh themselves with the water of the lake..."

“The island called St. Patrick's Purgatory is altogether rocky, and rather level : without the compass of the island, in the water towards the north east, about two yards from the shore stand certain rocks..."

“‘I was considerably surprised when, upon my remarking, that with only one meal of bread and water in twenty four-hours, the pilgrims must become faint, the women with whom I was speaking, said, “Oh, no! the wine revives us, and gives us…

"An early writer describing the place, says — 'As soon as the pilgrims come within sight of the holy island, they pull off their shoes and stockings, and uncover their heads, and walk thus with their beads in one hand, and sometimes a cross in the…

“From Pettigo to Lough Dergh, the distance is about three miles, over bog and mountain. It is a scramble all the way, endeavouring to avoid the marsh and bog land, that cannot, however, be avoided..."

"'As soon as we leave the grave or vault, we immediately plunge ourselves into the water, washing our heads and bodies to signify that we are washed and cleansed from the filth of sin, and have broke the dragon’s head in the waters..."
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