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An account of Lough Derg folklore on a fishing trip, explaining the strange circular currents of the lake in supernatural terms

"As a boat was being loaded with passengers at eleven o'clock, an elderly man arrived at the shore and urgently signalled to his son to come away with him..."

"Long ago the people used to send their horses to the mountain for the summer months.

One day a man was going to the mountain for his horse as he required him to do some work at home.

When he went up to the mountain he saw all the horses…

"Very few stories are told of mermaids in this district as it is too far from the sea. The mermaid or 'maigdean mara' is very attractive. Once upon a time a glan man who made a station in Lough Derg returned home by Bundoran. He spent a few hours…

"Now when I was shut in and had taken notice of the greatness of the Cave which I conceive to be about four cubits, I found the inner part thereof to turn and extend under me weak and shaking that it seemed as though it could not bear a man..."
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