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"I visited the far famed terrestrial purgatory of Lough Derg, but received no benefit from my turas except a severe cold, which I attribute more to the wet mountain bogs that surround the lake, and to the chillyness (chilliness) of the wind than to…

"As a boat was being loaded with passengers at eleven o'clock, an elderly man arrived at the shore and urgently signalled to his son to come away with him..."

"The end of the eighteenth-century history of Lough Derg is sadly remembered because of a particularly bad boating accident..."

"Returning to the lake shore, another notable landmark there should be considered, Saint Brigid's Chair. It is a large rock, roughly-shaped like a high-backed chair, and its is prominent even among the large boulders surrounding it..."

"Oh fare thee well, Lough Dearg,
Shall I ever see you more?
My heart is filled with sorrow
To leave thy sainted shore.
Until life's days have passed away
With pleasure shall I dwell
On the happy days I spent with you
Lough Dearg, fare…