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An account of the outflow from Lough Derg reaching the ocean in the Foyle Valley at Derry

An account of the River Derg meeting the River Strule to become the River Mourne

"There is a good deal of land [in the disctrict of Cullion] which is mountainous and some good land for the potato crop. There is a small wood growing in it. There is one river and a lake in the mountainous part. The river is the Termon river which…

"The county boundary of Fermanagh runs in the centre of a stream 40 feet wide flowing from north east to south west for 10 miles and turning the mill above the village, passes through Pettigo and falls into Lough Erne at Burnfoot..."

"[Lough Derg] and [the River Derg] empty themselves into the Mourne and finally mingle with the ocean at Magilligan…"

"The river dividing the counties of Tyrone and Donegal on the north mearing of Templecarn receives the drainage of Lough Derg..."