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"By this time there began to be a stir among the boatmen, the sun had been for some while under the horizon, and the shades of evening were adding solemnity to the landscape…"

"But the breeze gradually dropped. Large splashes of calm, glazy-looking water appeared here and there, spreading by little and little over the whole surface, while the rises became more and more infrequent, and, before a dozen fish had been caught,…

"There was at first quite success enough to test the goodness of the extempore flies, and though few fish of much more than a pound weight were taken, and those of a dull brown, out-of-season sort of character…"

"It is in the neighbourhood of [the islands beyond Station Island] that the fish are caught, and round them the boat made its slow circuit, as the fishermen, keeping accurate time, cast, with lines not above twice the length of their rods, the one to…

"Lough Derg has certainly been well chosen as a spot of religious penitence and seclusion, for the character of its scenery harmonises well with such a feeling; it is that of wild and gloomy loneliness."
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