Antonio Mannini prepares for his journey

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Antonio Mannini prepares for his journey


Lough Derg--History--Middle Ages--Antonio Mannini


Antonio Mannini prepares for his journey


Shane Leslie, 1885-1971


Antonio Mannini, 1411, translated from the Italian in the Giornale Storico della Letterature Italiana, vol. viii, p. 154, by Archdeacon St. John Seymour and printed in his book on St. Patrick's Purgatory: Dundalgan Press, Dundalk, 1918, Leslie, Shane, Saint Patrick's Purgatory: A Record from History and Literature, p. 36


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"The Purgatory lies in a lake among high mountains which is like a well, ten miles in circumference, in which there are thirty-four islands great and small. We reached the Island in that lake on which the Priory stands in safety on Thursday the 4th of November [1411]. which island is a mile measured by water from the island of the Purgatory ; and the said island of the Purgatory is 129 paces long and 30 paces wide and is in the very centre of the said lake. That day, as soon as I arrived, I confessed myself to the Prior of the said Priory and began the usual fast on bread and water as observed by others, according to their desire to do so and the constitution of the pilgrimage. I wished to fast for more days, but the prior urged that it was winter and very cold, would not allow me to fast for more than three days on after the other. On Saturday the 7th of November, 1411, preparing to enter the Purgatory that day, though the Prior was very unwilling, I rose before dawn, and when he had confessed me he said the Mass of our Lord Jesus Christ for me, and then gave me Communion ; and after that I heard another Mass of the Annunciation of Our Lady, and then I urged the prior that he should send me to the Purgatory. When he at last consented with great trouble and difficulty, the canon who said the Mass of Our Lady for me, whose name is Brother John, and who is one of the canons of the said Priory, was commanded to take me to the island of the Purgatory, and put me into it. The said canon put my in a little boat, which was like a piece of roughly-hewn hollow tree-trunk, and four persons could hardly find room in it."

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Shane Leslie, 1885-1971, “Antonio Mannini prepares for his journey,” Digital Derg: A Deep Map, accessed February 28, 2021,