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A collection of maps associated with the Digital Derg Deep Map.


James L. Smith

Collection Items

The Invasions of England and Ireland with al their civil ware since the conquest
A map of the topography and military activity in Ireland

Ultonia ; Hibernis Cui-Guilly ; Anglis Ulster
A topographically-detailed seventeenth-century map of UIster by Joan Blaeu, 1654

The Province of Ulster
A detailed map of Ulster by William Petty, 1685

Provincia Ultoniae. The Province of Ulster
A map of the province of Ulster from 1646-1649

The invasions of England and Ireland performed by John Speed, graven by Renold Elstrak
A seventeenth-century political map of Ireland from 1603-1625 capturing Lough Derg and Purgatory

Nautical Chart Of Western Europe, Ca. 1400-1425
This chart, from an atlas by an unknown chartmaker probably working in Venice, shows an awareness of most of the eastern and southern coastlines of the British Isles stemming from voyages of Venetian galleys to the area since 1300.

Map of the British Isles f. D1v
This is a map of the British Isles. It is a wood cut and is by the Venetian Pietro Coppo.

This map of the British Isles is by Gerard De Jode

Map of Ulster with "Escheated" Counties, 1609
This is a map of the six "escheated" counties of Ulster.

A Coloured Map of Great Britain and Ireland; Drawn on Vellum, in the period 1534-1546
A map of the British Isles dating from the period 1534-46 and by an unknown draughtsman.
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